Wednesday 22 May 2019

Export Import New Letter

 1.      Supply of essential commodities to the Republic of Maldives during 2019
2.    E BRC notification issued by DGFT, Amendment in the Para 3.01 (b) of the Handbook of Procedures
 3.      Non-requirement of submission of Hard copy of application at RAs for issue of Advance Authorisation

News Letter : -  

1.      Export made to OFAC countries and e-BRC not issued by bank. Exporter can submit self-declaration with payment received in INR to DGFT

2.      Huawei says it is a victim of U.S. bullying

4.      Trade Deficit widens to $15.33 billion in April-19

13.  Trade tussle: India voices concern over ‘existential’ threat to WTO

16.  RBI releases payments systems roadmap for a ‘cash-lite’ India

17.  China ready for further U.S. trade talks, ambassador says

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