Tuesday 2 April 2019

Export Import News Letter 3.4.2019

 Export Import News Letter. To begin with good news TMA:

2.         WTO on digital Marketing:
3.          WTO launches call for proposals for 2019 Public Forum
4.         online facility to obtain export licence for MEIS & restricted items
5.         US President urged to delay decision on terminating India from GSP programme
https://m.economictimes.com › News › Economy › Foreign Trade 

6.      Indian pharma’s cold reply to China call

7.       Fishery subsidies: India to submit plan at WTO on differential treatment of developing nations:
10.       11th WTO-WIPO advanced course on intellectual property for policymakers concludes in Geneva
13.   WTO highlights role of trade agreements in enhancing women’s empowerment
14.   WTO - A new initiative launched by the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF)

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Jagdish Bhatia

Monday 1 April 2019

Trade Dispute UAE companies

Please be careful before dealing with UAE companies.

Site source Consulate General of India , UAE  

List of UAE based companies against whom trade disputes have been raised by Indian companies from March 2018 – January 2019 Companies with Multiple Disputes 
1. Agri Growith Food Stuff Trading LLC, Dubai 2. Golden Nest General Trading LLC, Dubai 3. Al Mayan Trading FZE, Ajman 4. Fresh Carota Foodstuffs Trading LLC, Dubai 5. Dileep General Trading LLC, Dubai 6. Sun International FZE, Sharjah 7. Motivation General Trading LLC, Dubai 8. Glokal FZE, Dubai 9. AAI General Trading LLC, Dubai 10. Sai Foodstuff Trading LLC, Dubai Companies with Single Dispute 1. THOE Real Estate Development LLC (Kleindienst Group), Dubai 2. MCH International, Dubai 3. Prime Impex General Trading LLC, Dubai 4. Al Safina Security 5. Beacon Decor & Light Material Trading, Sharjah 6. Premium Flair General Trading FZE, Ajman 7. Wardat Al Madina Food Stuff Trading LLC, Dubai 8. Victory General Trading LLC, Ajman 9. Kanz Alhowm Food Stuff Supply Services LLC, Dubai 10. Arooj Packing Service LLC, Dubai 11. Al Khiran Contracting LLC, Dubai 12. Draw Way LLC, Dubai 13. CBD Projects Co. LLC, Dubai 14. Delta Wings General Trading LLC, Dubai 15. Ashuraf & Ahmed Food & Beverage Trading LLC, Dubai 16. Paklite FZC, Sharjah 17. Mas International General Trading LLC, Dubai 18. Concept Flexible Packaging LLC, RAK 19. Safo Foodstuff Trading LLC, Dubai 20. Ajaj Star General Trading LLC, Dubai 21. Papers Worldwide, Sharjah 22. Winning Star Trading FZE, Ajman 23. Five Brothers General Trading LLC, Dubai 24. Datex Energy FZC, Sharjah 25. Future Scaffolding & Aluminium Industries LLC, Dubai 26. Technovaa Industries LLC, Dubai 27. Berang General Trading LLC, Dubai 28. CitiGate Trade FZE, Sharjah 29. NOVA FZE, Sharjah 30. Al Noor Foods, Dubai 31. JK Foodstuff Trading LLC, Dubai 32. New India Foodstuff LLC, Dubai 33. Colexo General Trading LLC, Dubai 34. Burj Dubai General Trading LLC, Sharjah 35. Huma Ahmed Adnan Foodstuff Trading, Dubai 36. JAF FZC, Ras Al Khaimah 37. White Sky Foodstuff Trading LLC, Dubai 38. Bajrang International DMCC, Dubai 39. Gulf Fence Factory (FZE), Sharjah 40. Harco Marketing & Trading, Dubai (JAFZA) 41. Dalaho General Trading LLC, Dubai 42. Al Rahal Metal Scrap, Sharjah 43. Miqdad Foodstuff Trading LLC, Dubai 44. FWMA General Trading FZE, Ajman 45. Monaco Marbles and Granite Trading LLC, Sharjah 46. Shahzaib Foodstuff Trading LLC, Dubai 47. Riddhi Siddhi General Trading LLC, Dubai 48. Ruby International FZE, Sharjah 49. Dar Al Amani Trading LLC, Dubai 50. Ominah Khayer General Trading LLC, Dubai 51. Imran Food Stuff Trading LLC, Dubai 52. Al Nojoom Al Thahabeya General Trading LLC, Dubai 53. Pratik General Trading FZE, Ajman 54. Zartaj General Trading, Ajman 55. PDL International LLC, Dubai 56. Taj Food Stuff Packaging Factory LLC, Ajman 57. Farmex Freshia Trading LLC, Dubai 58. White Grass General Trading LLC, Dubai 59. Sandstone General Trading LLC, Dubai 60. Sunrise Petroleum FZE, Sharjah 61. Kriscon Middle East, Dubai 62. DSA Architects International, Dubai 63. Ecoplast Industries FZC, Dharjah 64. Khushi Trading Company LLC, Dubai 65. HND Venture General Trading LLC, Dubai 66. Bright Exhibitions FZE, Sharjah 67. AS & MS Global Worldwide FZE, Ajman 68. Mohd. Bin Ghalaita Trading, Dubai 69. Arif Book Distributors LLC, Dubai 70. Haji Munir Foodstuffs Trading Co. LLC, Dubai 71. High Happiness General Trading LLC, Dubai 72. Green Roots Vegetable & Fruit Trading LLC, Dubai 73. Royal Link International LLC, Dubai 74. Abdulla Bin Lootah Foodstuff Trading LLC, Dubai 75. SP International FZE, RAK 76. Unitrade General Trading LLC, Dubai 77. Satti Raja Trading LLC, Dubai 78. ACS Trading LLC, Dubai 79. Blue Star Food Stuff Trading LLC 80. Marine Engineering Diving Services FZC, Sharjah 81. SSJ Foodstuff LLC, Dubai 82. Buildtech Construction, Dubai 83. Kutkut & Partners, Sharjah