Wednesday 14 September 2016

How to Export or Import - Full topic list

Chapter I : Export & Import

  • Introduction (opportunity in Export / Import sector)

 Institutions Governing Export Import 

  • International Bodies WTO (World Trade Organizations)
  • Local Bodies : Ministry of commerce, FEMA , RBI, Central Excise & Customs, shipping lines, Airlines, Insurance, ECGC, Inspections agencies, Trade Associations, Export Promotion Councils, Commodity boards
  • Development authorities, Foreign Trade Policy, Hand book of Procedure

Step to your First Export or Import - IEC

  • IEC License Application, Cycle 
  • Government benefits

Finding a buyer/seller

  • Product & Market Selection, Offline & Online Marketing


  • Types of packing, labeling, marking, Mode of Transportations, Types of Containers, HSC / ITC code
  • Incoterms – 2010 (Shipping Terms), Payment Terms, CHA Charge sheet & Costing work Sheet
  • Legal Documentation and Contracts
  • Importance of Contracts (Proforma Invoice)
  • Pre Shipment documents & Procedure : Excise & Custom clearance
  • Post Shipment documents i.e. Banking and documents for buyer
  • Types of Bills of lading (Short/Blank back/Full form, Charter party, Multimodal, Clean, Shipped on Board, Received for Shipment, Master, House, Liner)

Acts and Rules governing Export Import

  • FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) on Export
  • FEMA on Import
  • Foreign Trade Policy & Hand Book of Procedure by DGFT

Import Duties and Rules

  • Import – Product selection, Categories, Govt. Bodies, Registration
  • Procedure of Import Custom Clearance 
  • Calculation of custom duties
  • How to calculate Assessable Value, High Seas Sale, Merchanting Trade

Import Export of free Sampling & Gift


Chapter II : Banking & Finance

1. Collection documents :ICC URC-522
2. L/C documents : ICC UCPDC-600, Types of LCs
3. L/C: ISBP-745
4. Banking finance:
    a. Fund (Pre & Post Shipment - EPC & PCFC)
    b. Non fund based finance by bank (LC, BG & Forward Contracts) Buyers’ & Suppliers’ credit
5. EEFC & Escrow Accounts


Chapter III : Risk Management

Foreign Exchange Risk Management – Forward Contracts

1. Marine Insurance
3. Verifying Genuineness of buyer and suppliers through Bank reports & Embassy/Consulates/D&B, Debt
recovery through : International Agencies
4. Risk of quality of material : Inspection of goods by international well known agencies

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