Wednesday 14 September 2016

Export Import News

Dear All,

Most of people meet me and say we do not wish to export because of lack of funds. I would like to inform them that export business can be started with Rs.25,000 only. Now can any one who want to enter in to export business don't have Rs.25,000

So, here it is how. Apply for export import license charges are only Rs.500

Upload your product online on AMAZON, Flipcart etc. It is as simple as opening Gmail account.

The rules are :

1. Parcel to be sent by post or courier
2. Per Parcel should not be more than Rs.25,000
3. You can send as many as you like.
4. Items should be : Garment, Toys, books, leather items and handicraft.

No need of excise and custom clearance. However, you will get all Govt benefits.

Now go ahead......

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