Friday 29 March 2019

Frequently asked questions in Export Import

I have been receiving below Frequently asked questions : 
1.       How and where can I apply import export licence?
2.       What are fees for import export licence?
3.       How much time does it take to get licence?
4.       What are documents required in export import licence?
5.       What payment term shall I offer to buyer in export?
6.       How to make costing of my product?
7.       Where shall I export my product?
8.       How can I expand my export business?
9.       What are benefits available from Government in export?
10.   How to find out import custom duty online?
11.   What is best Incoterm to offer in export?
12.   How to find out genuine buyer?
13.   Is payment secure in LC?
14.   What is difference between consignee and notify party?
15.   What are the risks in export and how to manage the same?
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