Tuesday 27 March 2018

Export Import News letter 27.3.2018

Ø      Joint Group Most Important Dialogue Mechanism between India and China

Ø      Textile Ministry to set up inter-ministerial panel on R&D with Rs.1,000 cr funding

Ø      Anti-Apartheid artwork for United States of America

Ø      Roundtable of Invest India Held Today

Ø      India to talk tough on trade deficit

Ø      Sink or sail? - shipbuilders face critical point for survival 

Ø      US Fed rate hike: Indian exports may take small hit in long-term

Ø      Steel tariffs strain India’s ties with Trump

Ø      News Now - CPI inflation slides to 4.4% on lower food, stable core

Ø      India, China to discuss trade issues next week 

Ø      Autonomy for Port Boards 

Ø      Government to promote 12 champion service sectors to boost export

Ø      Free trade zones are being used to traffic counterfeit goods

Ø      Take urgent steps to stream line cross border trade

Ø      Not following mooring safety procedures leads to injury

Ø      with inputs available, India declares its seafarers as favourites 

Ø      India has 30 days to respond to the US complaint on its export subsidies

Ø      Containers lost at sea. Why it happens and what to do when it happens

Ø      U.S.-China Lock Horns: Should India Be Worried  

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