Monday, 4 June 2018

Before exporting or importing; know below points to avoid any problem

   A.    Content of Course

   1.     What is Export Import
   2.     Why to export
   3.     What to export
   4.     Where to export
   5.     When to Export
   6.     How to export
   7.     How to make name of company
   8.     How to register company
   9.     How to choose bank to open account with
   10.                        How to apply IEC license
   11.                        What are International bodies
   12.                        What are local bodies
   13.                        What is HS code
   14.                        What is ITC code
   15.                        How to see Government Benefits
   16.                        What are documents in pre shipment export
   17.                        What are documents in Post shipment export
   18.                        What are international payment terms
   19.                        What are types of  packing and packaging
   20.                        What are types of containers
   21.                        How to calculate freight
   22.                        How to clear goods under GST
   23.                        How to do custom clearance
   24.                        What is the difference between ‘CHA’ & ‘FF’
   25.                        What are finance available
   26.                        What are risk involved and how to manage the same
   27.                        How to calculate import assessable value
   28.                        How to calculate import duty
   29.                        What are types of bills of entries
   30.                        Which are debt recover agencies in the world
   31.                        How to select product
   32.                        How to select Market

     B.     Trainer Profile :
Mr. Bhatia has rich knowledge and 42 years experience in field of Export Import. He has worked in Standard Chartered Bank, Dubai, National Bank of Sharjah, Sharjah, HDFC Bank Ltd., Ahmedabad, and  Five Start Trading House in Ahmedbad as ‘Vice President’. He is self made man, committed to excellent practical training with updated knowledge from actual source. He has self confidence and full of enthusiasm. He has been training at :

(1) Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industries
(2) Gujarat University : H.K. Center for Professional Management
(3) CED – Center for Entrepreneurship Development
(4) MSME - Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
(5) iiiEM (International Institute of Import Export Management)
(6) JBS Academy Pvt. Limited
(7) Giving consultancy to various import export companies


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